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In TGK Jail Miami? TGI Bail Bonds Agency is your Best Friend

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Great people. They are the best!

Zayne Robertson

Quickly resolved my Bail bonds issue right over the phone..

Nancy Troy

They were very kind and helped me a great deal..

Raul Moreno

TGI Bail Bond Services

TGI Bail Bonds offers 24 hour Bail Bond service for the TGK Jail and all Miami-Dade Jails

Call 305-225-2255

Our on duty Bail Bond experts will locate your loved one in the Miami-Dade TGK Jail or any other Miami Jail facility

Complete Bail Bond payment and paperwork

Our office staff will assist you in completion of any paperwork using our online systems. TGI Bail Bond agents will immediatley post the Bail Bonds to expedite your loved ones release

Client is released from TGK Jail

Once the Bail Bond is posted, the client is released by the TGK Jail officials in 4 to 8 hours. The TGK Jail release times fluctuate depending on how busy the TGK Jail facility is that moment

TGI Bail Bond Team Members

We're a dream team!

Morning Shift

Handles Bail Bonds and all Court related Bail Bond issues
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Bail Agent
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Afternoon Shift

Handles Bail Bonds and court notices to clients
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Bail Agent
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Midnight Shift

Handles Bail Bonds and Bail Bond data systems
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TGI Bail Bonds Client Care

At TGI Bail Bonds we are committed to our clients and provide the following services. TGI Bail bonds is also able to offer immigration bond services and Nation Wide bail bond postings.     

Bail Bond Services

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  • Expert Bail Bond Agents
  • Nebbia Hearings Assistance
  • Case progress & notices
  • Public Warrant Searches
  • Self Surrenders

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